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261 Colyn English Variant of Colin: Of a triumphant people; young boy. M
262 Colyn French Abbreviation of Nicholas 'people's victory.'. M
263 Colywnn Welsh Variant of Colwyn: Name of a river in Wales. M
264 Coman Arabic Noble. M
265 Coman Irish Bent. M
266 Comdhan Irish Variant of Comhghan: Twin. M
267 Comhghan Gaelic Twin. M
268 Comhghan Irish Twin. M
269 Comyn Irish Shrewd. M

270 Comyn Scottish From Comines. M
271 Con Celtic Wise. M
272 Con Irish Diminutive of Conlan: Hero. M
273 Conan Celtic High, wise. Introduced into Britain after the Norman Conquest. Famous bearers: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the detective Sherlock Holmes; a number of counts and dukes of Brittany bore the name Conan. M
274 Conan Irish Hound; elevated. Famous bearer: Talk show host Conan O'Brien. M
275 Condan Celtic Dark haired wise man. M
276 Condon Celtic Dark haired wise man. M
277 Conlan Gaelic Hero. M
278 Conlan Irish Hero. M
279 Conlen Irish Variant of Conlan: Hero. M
280 Conlin Gaelic Hero. M