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81 Carrington Celtic Place name and surname. M
82 Carrington English Place name and surname. M
83 Carrson Scandinavian Son of Carr. M
84 Carson English Son who lives in the swamp; son of Carr. M
85 Carson Scottish Surname. M
86 Carsten Latin Christian. M
87 Carston Latin Christian. M
88 Carwyn Welsh Variant of Caerwyn: White fortress. M
89 Cassian Irish Curly-headed. M

90 Cassian Welsh Curly-headed. M
91 Casswallawn Welsh Legendary son of Beli. M
92 Caswallan Celtic From Arthurian legend. M
93 Caswallon Welsh Legendary son of Beli. M
94 Caton Latin Variant of Cato: Intelligent; shrewd. M
95 Caulan Irish Variant of Caelan: Powerful warrior. M
96 Cavalon ArthurianLegend Name of a king. M
97 Cavan Gaelic Handsome. M
98 Cavan Irish Good-looking; handsome; from Cavan. M
99 Ceallachan Irish Variant of Ceallach: War; strife. M
100 Ceannfhionn Gaelic Blond. M