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101 Ceapmann English Merchant. M
102 Cearbhallan Gaelic Small champion. M
103 Ceastun English Camp. M
104 Ceawlin Anglo-Saxon Name of a King. M
105 Cedron Biblical Black, sad. M
106 Ceileachan Gaelic Little champion. M
107 Cein Gaelic Ancient. M
108 Cein Irish Archaic. M
109 Ceithin Welsh Legendary uncle of Lugh. M

110 Celdtun English From the farm by the spring. M
111 Celestin Czech Heaven. M
112 Celestin Latin Heavenly. M
113 Celestun Latin Heavenly. M
114 Celyddon Celtic Mythical father of Culhwch. M
115 Cenon Greek Friendly. M
116 Cenon Spanish Receiver of life from Zeus. M
117 Cercyon Greek Name of a king. M
118 Cerimon Shakespearean 'Pericles, Prince of Tyre' A lord of Ephesus. M
119 Cerin Gaelic Little dark one. M
120 Chadburn English From the wildcat brook. M