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121 Chalfan Hebrew Variant of Chalfon: Change. M
122 Chalfon Hebrew Change. M
123 Chamberlain Shakespearean 'King Henry the Eighth' Lord Chamberlain. Chancellor M
124 Chan Sanskrit Shining. M
125 Chan Spanish Nickname for John. M
126 Chan Vietnamese Right. M
127 Chanan Hebrew Cloud. M
128 Chandan Hindi Sandalwood. M
129 Chann English Young wolf. M

130 Chann Irish Young wolf. M
131 Channon English Young wolf. M
132 Channon Irish Young wolf. M
133 Chapin French Clergyman. M
134 Chapman Anglo-Saxon Merchant. M
135 Chapman English Peddler; merchant. M
136 Charleson English A man; variant of Carl. M
137 Charleston English A man; variant of Carl. M
138 Charleton English From Charles' farm. Also a variant of Carleton: From the farmer's land. M
139 Charlton English A variant of Carlton, meaning peasants' settlement. Derived from a surname and place name based on the Old English.Free men's town. Famous bearers: American actor Charlton Heston. M
140 Charon Greek Ferryman across the river Styx. M