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141 Charran Biblical A singing or calling out. M
142 Chasen English Huntsman. M
143 Chasin Hebrew Strong. M
144 Chason Hebrew Variant of Chasin: Strong. M
145 Chatillon Shakespearean 'King John' Ambassador from France to King John. M
146 Chattan Scottish Clan of the cats. M
147 Chatwin English Warring friend. M
148 Chatwyn English Warring friend. M
149 Chayton NativeAmerican Falcon (Sioux). M

150 Chen Chinese Great. M
151 Cheran Biblical Anger. M
152 Cheston English Camp. M
153 Chetwin English From the cottage on the winding path. M
154 Chetwyn English From the cottage on the winding path. M
155 Chetzron Hebrew From the walled town. M
156 Chidon Biblical A dart. M
157 Chilion Biblical Finished, complete, perfect. M
158 Chilton English From the farm by the spring. M
159 Chiron Greek A centaur. M
160 Chiron Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus' Son to Tamora. M