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21 Cantor Latin Singer. M
22 Caphtor Biblical A sphere, buckle, or hand. M
23 Car Celtic Fighter. M
24 Carcer Latin Prisoner. M
25 Carr Celtic Fighter. M
26 Carr English Swamp; bog. M
27 Carr Norse From the marsh. M
28 Carr Scottish From the broken mossy ground. M
29 Carter English Cart driver, cart maker. A surname sometimes used as a first name. M

30 Carver English Carves wood or sculpts. M
31 Casimir English From a polish word meaning 'Proclamation of peace.'. M
32 Casimir Polish Bringer of peace; announcing peace. M
33 Casimir Slavic Peaceful. M
34 Casnar Welsh Legendary nobleman. M
35 Caspar English Wealthy man. M
36 Caspar Persian Keeper of the treasure. Caspar was one of Three Magi who traveled from afar to find the baby Jesus. M
37 Casper English Variant of Caspar: Wealthy man. M
38 Casper Persian Treasure. M
39 Caster English From the Roman camp. M
40 Castimer Polish Variant of Casimir: Bringer of peace; announcing peace. M