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41 Cass Welsh Curly-headed. M
42 Cassius Latin Narcissistic; vain. M
43 Cassius Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' Instigator of the conspiracy against Caesar. M
44 Cassivellaunus Celtic From Arthurian legend. M
45 Catullus Latin Name of a poet. M
46 Catus Latin Shrewd. M
47 Cecilius Dutch Blind. M
48 Cecillus English Variant of Cecil: Blind (from the Roman clan name Caecilius). Famous bearers: the African state of Rhodesia is named after British statesman Cecil Rhodes; American film producer/director Cecil B. de Mille. M
49 Cecrops Greek Founder of Athens. M

50 Cecrops Latin Name of a king. M
51 Celeres Latin Paladin. M
52 Celeus Greek Father of Triptolemus. M
53 Celsus Irish Name of a saint. M
54 Centaurus Latin Half man half horse. M
55 Cephalus Greek Husband who killed Procris. M
56 Cephalus Latin Husband of Proais. M
57 Cephas Biblical A rock or stone. M
58 Cephas Hebrew Rock. M
59 Cepheus Greek The father of Andromeda in ancient Greek mythology. M
60 Cepheus Latin Father of Andromeda. M