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41 Daemon Greek Guardian spirit. M
42 Dafydd Welsh A Welsh form of the Hebrew name David, meaning beloved or friend. M
43 Dag Norse Day. M
44 Dag Scandinavian Day. M
45 Dagan Hebrew Earth; grain. Little fish. M
46 Dagen Gaelic Black-haired. M
47 Dagen Irish Black-haired. M
48 Dagen Scandinavian Variant of Dag: Day. M
49 Dagfinnr Scandinavian Bright Finn. M

50 Dagny Scandinavian Variant of Dag: Day. M
51 Dagoberto German Glorious day. M
52 Dagon Biblical Corn, a fish. M
53 Dagon Hebrew Variant of Dagan: Earth; grain. Little fish. M
54 Dagonet ArthurianLegend Arthur's fool. M
55 Daguenet ArthurianLegend Arthur's fool. M
56 Dagwood English Bright wood; from the bright one's forest. M
57 Dahy Irish Capable; quick and agile. M
58 Dai Japanese Large; generation. M
59 Dai Welsh Shines. A Welsh diminutive of David, meaning beloved or friend.. M
60 Daibheid Irish Dearly loved. M