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841 Devyn Gaelic Servant. M
842 Devyn Irish Variant of Devin: Poet. M
843 Dewain Celtic Song. M
844 Dewayne Irish Dark. M
845 Dewei Chinese Highly noble. M
846 Dewey English Place-name and surname; Welsh form of David. M
847 Dewey Hebrew Diminutive of David: Cherished; beloved. M
848 Dewey Welsh The Lord's. M
849 Dewi Welsh Variant of David: Beloved or friend, from the Hebrew. Sixth century St David (or Dewi) was patron saint of Wales. M

850 DeWitt Flemish Blond. M
851 Dewitt Dutch White. M
852 Dex Latin Variant of Dexter 'right-handed.'. M
853 Dexter English From a surname meaning 'dyer'. M
854 Dexter Latin Right handed. Right. M
855 Dexton Latin Variant of Dexter 'right-handed.'. M
856 Deylin English Rhyming variant of Waylon - a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers. M
857 Dezi Latin Yearning; sorrow. Abbreviation of Desiderus. M
858 Dezmond Gaelic From South Munster. An Irish surname referring to Munster: (one of ancient Ireland's five regions.). M
859 Dezmond Irish Variant of Desmond: From South Munster. Famous Bearer: Archbishop Desmond Tutu (of South Africa). M
860 Dezso Latin Desired. M