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921 Dierk Scandinavian Variant of Diederik: Ruler (of the people). M
922 Dieter German Army of the people. M
923 Dietrich German Leader of the people. M
924 Dietz German People's ruler. M
925 Dieu Hien Vietnamese Amaryllis (flower). M
926 Digby English Farm by a ditch. From an English surname and place name. M
927 Digby Norse From the dike settlement. M
928 Diggory English Derived from the French 'egare' meaning astray. M
929 Digon Welsh Legendary son of Alar. M

930 Dikesone English Son of Dick. M
931 Dikibyr Norse From the dike settlement. M
932 Diklah Biblical His diminishing M
933 Dikran Armenian Name of a king. M
934 Dilaawar Muslim Variant of Dilawar: Hearty. Daring.. M
935 Dilan French Like a lion. M
936 Dilan Irish Like a lion. M
937 Dilan Welsh Born near the sea. M
938 Dilawar Muslim Hearty. Daring.. M
939 Dildah Biblical His diminishing M
940 Dilean Biblical That is poor. M