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1341 Duayne Irish Dark. Many Irish and Scottish names have the meaning 'dark' or 'black.'. M
1342 Dubg Irish Black haired. M
1343 Dubh Irish Black-haired. M
1344 Dubh Scottish Black. M
1345 Dubhagain Irish Black. M
1346 Dubhan Irish Black. M
1347 Dubhgall Gaelic Dark stranger. M
1348 Dubhgan Gaelic Dark skinned. M
1349 Dubhghall Scottish Stranger with dark hair. M

1350 Dubhglas Gaelic Dark water. M
1351 Dubhglas Irish Black and gray. M
1352 Dubhglas Scottish From the darkwater. M
1353 DubhgMl Irish Dark stranger. M
1354 Dubhloach Gaelic Dark hero. M
1355 Dubhthach Gaelic Dark skinned. M
1356 Dubv Celtic Dark faced. M
1357 Duc Vietnamese Virtuous. M
1358 Duck-hwan Korean Integrity returns. M
1359 Duck-young Korean Integrity lasts. M
1360 Dud English Diminutive of Dudley: From the people's meadow. From a surname and place name derived from the Old English, meaning 'Dudda's clearing'. Famous bearer: Actor Dudley Moore. M