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1381 Dughall Gaelic Dark stranger. M
1382 Dughlas Irish Variant of Dubhglas: Black and gray. M
1383 Duhkha Indian Sorrowful. M
1384 Duke English The royalty title used as nickname or given name. Also an abbreviation of Marmaduke. Famous bearer: American jazz musician Duke Ellington. M
1385 Duke Irish Diminutive of Marmaduke: Servant of Madoc (fortunate). M
1386 Duke Latin Leader. M
1387 Duke Shakespearean As You Like It' Duke, living in exile. M
1388 Dukker Gypsy Fortune-teller. M
1389 Dulani African Malawian name meaning 'cutting'. M

1390 Dull Shakespearean 'Love's Labours Lost' A constable. M
1391 Dumain Shakespearean 'Love's Labours Lost' Lord attending on King Ferdinand. M
1392 Dumaka African Nigerian name meaning 'help out'. M
1393 Dumali Biblical Silence, resemblance. M
1394 Duman Turkish Smoky. M
1395 Dumin Czech Lord. M
1396 Dumont French Of the mountain. M
1397 Dun Scottish Diminutive of Duncan: Brown-skinned soldier. M
1398 Duncan Celtic Dark skinned fighter. M
1399 Duncan Gaelic Dark warrior 'Brown-haired.'. M
1400 Duncan Scottish From the Irish name Donnchadh, meaning brown warrior. Famous bearer: The Scottish king Duncan I was murdered by Macbeth in 1040. M