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1421 Dura Biblical Generation, habitation. M
1422 Duran English Firm; enduring. M
1423 Duran French Firm; enduring. M
1424 Duran Latin Enduring. M
1425 Durand English Firm; enduring. M
1426 Durand French Firm; enduring. M
1427 Durand Latin Endures; lasts. M
1428 Durango French Strong. M
1429 Durant English Firm; enduring. M

1430 Durant French Firm; enduring. M
1431 Durant Latin Variant of Durand: Endures; lasts. M
1432 Durante English Firm; enduring. M
1433 Durante French Firm; enduring. M
1434 Durante Italian Enduring. The Italian form of the Latin Durand. M
1435 Dureau French Strong. M
1436 Durell English Strong. M
1437 Durell Scottish King's doorman. M
1438 Duriel Hebrew God is my home. M
1439 Durin Norse A mythical dwarf. M
1440 Durko Czech Farmer. M