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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Daanaa Muslim Variant of Dana: Wise. Intelligent.. M
2 Dacia Gaelic Variant of Dacey: From the south. M
3 Dada African Nigerian name meaning 'curly-haired child'. M
4 Dakota NativeAmerican Friend; ally. Tribal name. M
5 Daksha Indian Brilliant. M
6 Dalmanutha Biblical A bucket, a branch. M
7 Dalmatia Biblical Deceitful lamps, vain brightness. M
8 Dana English From Denmark. Also a form of Daniel, meaning God has judged, God is judge, or God will judge. M
9 Dana Hebrew Variant of Daniel: God has judged, or God is judge. The Old Testament prophet Daniel miraculously survived the den of lions. M

10 Dana Muslim Wise. Intelligent.. M
11 Dana Norse From Denmark. M
12 Dana Scandinavian From Denmark. M
13 Danila Hebrew God will judge. M
14 Danya Russian God's gift. M
15 Danya Ukrainian God's gift. M
16 Dara Cambodian Stars. M
17 Darda Biblical Home of knowledge. M
18 Dasa Indian A slave. M
19 Dasya Indian He serves. M
20 Decha Thai Powerful. M