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121 Doughal Celtic Dark stranger. M
122 Doughall Scottish Black stranger. M
123 Driscol Celtic Interpreter. M
124 Driscol Irish Mediator. M
125 Driscoll Celtic Interpreter. M
126 Driscoll Irish Mediator. M
127 Driskell Celtic Interpreter. M
128 Dubhgall Gaelic Dark stranger. M
129 Dubhghall Scottish Stranger with dark hair. M

130 DubhgMl Irish Dark stranger. M
131 Dugal Scottish Variant of Dougal: Dark-skinned stranger. M
132 Dugall Scottish Variant of Dougal: Dark-skinned stranger. M
133 Dughall Celtic Dark stranger. M
134 Dughall Gaelic Dark stranger. M
135 Dull Shakespearean 'Love's Labours Lost' A constable. M
136 Durell English Strong. M
137 Durell Scottish King's doorman. M
138 Duriel Hebrew God is my home. M
139 Durrell English Strong. M
140 Durril Gypsy Gooseberry. M