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261 Dillon Irish Like a son. From an Irish surname derived from the Old German first name Dillo. Also used as a variant spelling of Dylan, meaning 'Like a lion.'. M
262 Dillon Welsh Born near the sea. M
263 Dillwyn Welsh Variant of Dilwyn: Blessed truth. M
264 Dilon Irish Variant of Dillon: Loyal. M
265 Dilwyn Welsh Blessed truth. M
266 Dilyn Irish Variant of Dillon: Loyal. M
267 Dimon Biblical Where it is red. M
268 Din Muslim Variant of Deen: Religion. Faith. Way of life.. M
269 Din Vietnamese Calm. M

270 Dinadan ArthurianLegend Friend of Tristan. M
271 Diolmhain Gaelic Faithful. M
272 Dion African-American God. M
273 Dion English Variant of Dennis: From the Latin Dionysos or Dionysus, referring to the Greek god of wine. M
274 Dion French Abbreviation of Dionysius. M
275 Dion Greek God of wine. M
276 Dion Shakespearean 'The Winter's Tale' Lord of Sicilia. M
277 Dishan Biblical A threshing. M
278 Dishon Biblical Fatness, ashes. M
279 Dishon Hebrew Walks upon. M
280 Divon Hebrew Walks gently. M