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141 Dedan Biblical Their breasts, friendship, a judge. M
142 Deegan Gaelic Black-haired. M
143 Deegan Irish Black-haired. M
144 Deen Hebrew God will judge. M
145 Deen Muslim Religion. Faith. Way of life.. M
146 Deerborn English Variant of Dearborn: Deer river. M
147 Dehaan Dutch Cock or rooster. M
148 Deion African-American Variant of Dion: God. M
149 Delavan English Variant of Delvin: Friend; good friend. M

150 Delevan English Variant of Delvin: Friend; good friend. M
151 Delman English Man from the valley. M
152 Delmon English Of the mountain. M
153 Delmon French Of the mountain. M
154 Delron French Of the King. M
155 Delsin NativeAmerican He is so. M
156 Delton English From the town in the valley. M
157 Delvin English Friend; good friend. M
158 Delvon English Godly friend. M
159 Delwin Teutonic Valley friend. M
160 Delwin Welsh Godly friend. M