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21 De Armado Shakespearean 'Love's Labours Lost' Don Adriano De Armado, fantastical Spaniard. M
22 Deangelo Italian From the angel. M
23 Deco Hungarian Lord. M
24 Dedo Latin The Lord's. M
25 Delano French From the elder tree grove. M
26 Delano Gaelic Healthy black man. M
27 Delano Irish From the elder tree grove. M
28 Delrico French Of the King. M
29 Demarco African-American Of Mark. M

30 Demario Spanish Masculine form of the Greek Damaris 'gentle.'. M
31 Demetrio Greek Variant of Demetrius: Earth-lover. Of Demeter. Demeter is the mythological Greek goddess of corn and harvest. She withdraws for the part of the year her daughter Persephone must spend with the god of the underworld - the reason for winter. M
32 Desiderio Norse Desired. M
33 Desiderio Spanish Desired. M
34 Deunoro Basque All saints. M
35 Dezso Latin Desired. M
36 DiAngelo Italian Variant of Deangelo: From the angel. M
37 Diego Spanish Hispanic version of James: supplanter; he that replaces. Famous Bearer: famed Mexican artist Diego Rivera. M
38 Dino English From the dene. M
39 Dino Italian Little sword. M
40 Dino Spanish Abbreviation of names ending like Bernardino. M