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21 Delmar French Mariner. M
22 Delmar Latin Mariner. M
23 Delmar Spanish Of the sea. M
24 Delmer French Mariner Of the sea.'. M
25 Delmer Latin Mariner. M
26 Delmer Spanish Variant of Delmar: Seaside. M
27 Delmor Spanish Variant of Delmar: Seaside. M
28 Dempster English Judge. M
29 Denver English Green valley. M

30 Denver French Variant of the surname Danvers meaning 'from Anvers.' Capital city of the state of Colorado in the USA. M
31 Deror Hebrew Independence. M
32 Devisser Dutch Fisherman. M
33 Dexter English From a surname meaning 'dyer'. M
34 Dexter Latin Right handed. Right. M
35 Dhameer Muslim Heart. Conscience.. M
36 Dhamir Muslim Variant of Dhameer: Heart. Conscience.. M
37 Dhul Fiqaar Muslim Name of Prophet Muhammad's Sword.. M
38 Didier French Desire. M
39 Dieter German Army of the people. M
40 Dikibyr Norse From the dike settlement. M