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1 Dagonet ArthurianLegend Arthur's fool. M
2 Daguenet ArthurianLegend Arthur's fool. M
3 Daivat Hindi Powerful. M
4 Dalbert English Bright one; proud. M
5 Davet French Beloved. M
6 Daviot English Variant of David 'beloved.'. M
7 Dealbeorht English Proud. M
8 Dealbert English Proud. M
9 Delbert English Bright day; sunny day; proud; noble. M

10 Delmont English Of the mountain. M
11 Delmont French Of the mountain. M
12 Dennet French Named for Saint Denys. M
13 Dent English Diminutive of Denton: Valley town. M
14 Dermot Celtic Free. M
15 Dermot Gaelic Free man. M
16 Dermot Irish Free from envy. From Diarmait or Diarmuid. Famous bearer: 12th century Irish king Dermot MacMurrough. M
17 Dermott Gaelic Free man. M
18 Dermott Irish Variant of Dermot: Free from jealosy. M
19 Derwent English Surname referring to Derwent River in England. M
20 DeWitt Flemish Blond. M