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281 Ehioze African Nigerian name meaning 'not jealous'. M
282 Ehren German Honorable. M
283 Ehud Biblical He that praises M
284 Eibhear English Strong as a boar. M
285 Eiddoel Welsh Legendary son of Ner. M
286 Eideard English Wealthy guardian. M
287 Eideard Gaelic Rich guardian. M
288 Eideard Scottish Rich protector. M
289 Eifion Welsh Welsh surname. M

290 Eigil Norse Inspires fright. M
291 Eigneachan Irish Strong man. M
292 Eikki Finnish Powerful. M
293 Eikki Norse Eternal ruler. M
294 Eiladar Welsh Legendary son of Penn Llarcan. M
295 Eilam Hebrew Forever. M
296 Eilif Norse Wounded in an attack on Hlidarend. M
297 Eilif Scandinavian Immortal. M
298 Eilig Scottish From the deer pass. M
299 EIlis Hebrew Jehovah is God. M
300 Eiliv Scandinavian Variant of Eilif: Immortal. M