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301 Eilwen Welsh Variant of Eilwyn: White-browed. M
302 Eilwyn Welsh White-browed. M
303 Eimar Irish Swift. M
304 Eimhin Irish Swift. M
305 Einar Norse Leader; fighter. M
306 Einar Scandinavian Warrior chief. M
307 Einhard German Strong with a sword. M
308 Einhardt German Strong with a sword. M
309 Einian Welsh Anvil. M

310 Einion Celtic Anvil. M
311 Einion Welsh Anvil. M
312 Einri Irish Rules the home. M
313 Einri Teutonic Intelligent. M
314 Einwys Welsh Variant of Einion: Anvil. M
315 Eirik Norse Forever strong or eternal ruler. M
316 Eisa Arabic Arabic form of Jesus. M
317 Eistein Norse Lucky. M
318 Eitan Hebrew Variant of Ethan: Steady. M
319 Eitri Norse A mythical dwarf. M
320 Ejaz Muslim Variant of E'jaaz: Miracle. Astonishment.. M