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421 Eliasz Hebrew Variant of Elijah: The Lord is my God. M
422 Eliathah Biblical Thou art my God M
423 Eliaz Hebrew God is powerful. M
424 Eliazar Spanish God has helped. M
425 Elidad Biblical Beloved of God. M
426 Elidor Celtic Mythical monk. M
427 Elie Hebrew Variant of Eli: God is great. M
428 Eliel Biblical God; my God M
429 Elienai Biblical The God of my eyes M

430 Eliezer Biblical Help; or court; of my God M
431 Eliezer Hebrew God has helped. M
432 Eligius Latin Worthy. M
433 Elihoreph Biblical God of winter; or of youth M
434 Elihu Biblical He is my God himself M
435 Elihu Hebrew My God is He. Elihu was a young man in the biblical Book of Job who gave fiery defense of God's righteousness. M
436 Elija Spanish My God is Jehovah. Variant of Hebrew Elijah. M
437 Elijah Biblical God the Lord; the strong Lord M
438 Elijah Hebrew Jehovah is God. Famous bearer: the Old Testament prophet Elijah. M
439 Elika Biblical Pelican of God. M
440 Elika Hebrew Variant of Eliakim: God will develop. M