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541 Eloy Spanish Renowned warrior. M
542 Elpaal Biblical God's work. M
543 Elpalet Biblical The God of deliverance M
544 Elpenor Greek One of Odysseus's men. M
545 Elphin Welsh Legendary son of Gwyddno. M
546 Elpidios Greek Hope. M
547 Elrad Hebrew God rules. M
548 Elric English Wise ruler. M
549 Elric Latin The king. M

550 Elrick English The king. M
551 Elrick Latin The king. M
552 Elrod English The king. M
553 Elrod Hebrew Variant of Elrad: God is the king. M
554 Elrod Latin The king. M
555 Elroi African-American Variant of Elroy: The king. M
556 Elroy African-American The king. M
557 Elroy English The king. M
558 Elroy French Variant of Leroy: The King (from 'le roi'). Originally a surname, it is now more common as a first name. M
559 Elroy Irish Red-haired youth. M
560 Elroy Latin The king. M