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701 Eneti Hawaiian Variant of Elenek: Avid; eager. M
702 Engel German Angel. M
703 Engelbert German Bright as an angel. M
704 Englbehrt German Bright angel. M
705 Englebert German Bright angel. M
706 Engres ArthurianLegend A usurper. M
707 Eniryt Greek Variant of Ambrose: Immortal. 5th-century British military leader Ambrosius Aurelianus was probably a prototype for legendary King Arthur. M
708 Enkoodabaoo NativeAmerican One who lives alone (Algonquin). M
709 Enkoodabooaoo NativeAmerican One who lives alone (Algonquin). M

710 Enlai Chinese Appreciation. M
711 Enli NativeAmerican I saw a dog. M
712 Ennis Gaelic The only choice. M
713 Enno German Strong with a sword. M
714 Eno German Strong with a sword. M
715 Enobarbus Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra'. Friend to Mark Antony. M
716 Enoch Biblical Dedicated, disciplined M
717 Enoch Hebrew Dedicated, trained. Famous bearer: The Old Testament father of Methuselah was named Enoch; British politician Enoch Powell. M
718 Enock Hebrew Variant of Enoch: Learned. M
719 Enok Danish Biblical name. M
720 Enoka Hawaiian Educated. M