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841 Ermanno Teutonic Mighty defender. M
842 Ermid Welsh Legendary son of Erbin. M
843 Ern English Diminutive of Earnest: A variant spelling of the German Earnest, meaning serious determined, earnestness or vigor, from the Old German Ernust. Famous bearer: The hero of Oscar Wilde's comedy 'The Importance of Being Earnest'. M
844 Ernan Irish Wise one. M
845 Ernest English Serious; determined. M
846 Ernest German Serious, determined. Earnestness or vigor, from the Old German Ernust. M
847 Ernestino English Variant of Ernest: Earnest. M
848 Ernesto English Variant of Ernest: Earnest. M
849 Ernesto Spanish Serious; determined. M

850 Ernie English A diminutive of Ernest sometimes used as an independent name. Also, in England, 'Ernie' refers to the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment which selects winning Premium Bond numbers. M
851 Ernst English Variant of Ernest: Earnest. M
852 Eron Spanish Variant of Aaron lofty or inspired. M
853 Eros Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra'. Friend to Mark Antony. M
854 Erp Norse Son of Meldun. M
855 Erpingham Shakespearean 'King Henry V' Sir Thomas Erpingham, an officer in the King's army. M
856 Erramun Teutonic Mighty defender. M
857 Errapel Hebrew Divine healer. M
858 Errol English Variant of Harold: Army commander. Army, weald power. Also can be a variant of Earl, meaning nobleman. Famous bearer: Australian actor Errol Flynn. M
859 Errol German Earl; nobleman. M
860 Errol Latin Wandering. M