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901 Escanor ArthurianLegend Knight slain by Gawain. M
902 Esdras French Help. M
903 Esdras Hebrew Help. M
904 Esek Biblical Contention M
905 Esequiel Spanish God strengthens. M
906 Esh-baal Biblical The fire of the idol, or of the ruler. M
907 Esh-ban Biblical Fire of the sun. M
908 Eshcol Biblical Bunch of grapes. M
909 Eshean Biblical Held up M

910 Eshek Biblical Violence. M
911 Eshkol Hebrew Grape cluster. M
912 Eskaminzim NativeAmerican Apache name meaning big mouth. M
913 Eske Norse Spear of the gods. M
914 Esket Scandinavian Holy cauldron. M
915 Eskil Norse Vessel of the gods. M
916 Eskil Scandinavian Variant of Esket: Holy cauldron. M
917 Eskil Swedish Vessel of God. M
918 Esli Biblical Near me; he who separates M
919 Esmachiah Biblical Joined to the Lord M
920 Esme French An Old French variant of the Latin 'aestimatus' meaning esteemed, or 'amatus' meaning loved. M