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921 Esmond English Protected by God. Grace and protection. From the Old English name Estmund. Commonly used as a surname. Famous bearer: the hero of Thackeray's novel Henry Esmond. M
922 Esmund English Protected by God. M
923 Espen Dutch Bear of God. M
924 Espowyes NativeAmerican Nez Perce name for light on the mountain. M
925 Esra Hebrew Variant of Ezra: Help, helper. M
926 Esrlson English Nobleman's son. M
927 Esrom Biblical Dart of joy, division of a song. M
928 Essex Shakespearean 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' and 'King John' Earl of Pembroke. M
929 Essien African Name given to the sixth-born. M

930 Estcot English From the east cottage. M
931 Estcott English From the east cottage. M
932 Este Italian From the east. M
933 Esteban Spanish Crowned in victory Variant of Stephen. M
934 Estebe Greek Victorious. M
935 Estefan Spanish Crowned in victory. M
936 Estes Greek Productive. M
937 Estevan Spanish Variant of Esteban: Crown. M
938 Estevao Greek Victorious. M
939 Estevon Spanish Variant of Stephen. M
940 Estmund English Protected by God. M