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941 Eston English From East town. Surname. M
942 Etam Biblical Their bird, their covering M
943 Etan Hebrew Variant of Ethan: Steady; strong. M
944 Etana Hawaiian Variant of Ekana: Strong. M
945 Etchemin NativeAmerican Canoe man (Algonquin). M
946 Eteocles Greek Son of Oedipus. M
947 Eth Irish Fire. M
948 Etham Biblical Their strength, their sign M
949 Ethan Biblical 'Strong, the gift of the island' M

950 Ethan Hebrew Strong. Constancy. Famous bearer: Ethan Allen, soldier in the American War of IndependenceStrong. M
951 Ethanim Biblical Strong, valiant M
952 Ethbaal Biblical Toward the idol, or with Baal. M
953 Ethelbald Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
954 Ethelbert Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
955 Ethelbert English Splendid. From the Old English name Aethelbeorht, meaning noble and bright. Famous bearers: two English kings of the 6th and 9th centuries. M
956 Ethelred Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
957 Ethelred English Noble counsel, from the Old English 'aethel raed' Famous bearers: the Anglo-Saxon Ethelred the Unready. M
958 Ethelwulf Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
959 Ether Biblical Talk M
960 Ethiopia Biblical Blackness, heat M