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961 Ethnan Biblical Gift. M
962 Ethni Biblical Strong. M
963 Etienne French Crown. French form of Stephen. M
964 Etlelooaat NativeAmerican Shouts (Algonquin). M
965 Eton English Variant of Eaton: River town. M
966 Etor Basque Steadfast. M
967 Etor Greek Steadfast. M
968 Ettore Greek Steadfast. M
969 Ettore Italian Loyal. M

970 Etu NativeAmerican The sun. M
971 Euan Irish Possibly a variant of John. M
972 Euan Scottish Variant of Ewan: Youth. M
973 Eubuleus Greek Told Demeter about her daughter. M
974 Eubulus Biblical Prudent, good counselor. M
975 Euclid Greek Greek surname. Euclid was an early developer of geometry theories. M
976 Eudard Scottish Variant of Eideard: Rich protector. M
977 Eudav Welsh Legendary son of Caradawg. M
978 Euen Scottish Variant of Ewan: Youth. M
979 Eufemiusz Polish Nice voice. M
980 Eugen German Noble. M