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41 Edward German Strong as a boar. M
42 Edward Shakespearean 'King Richard III' Edward IV. Also Edward, Prince of Wales, king's son and later Edward V. 'Henry IV, 1 & 2' Edward Poins, an irregular humorist. Also the son of Richard Plantagenet. 'King Henry VI, Part III' Edward, Prince of Wales, Henry VI's son. M
43 Edzard Scandinavian Strong edge. M
44 Eferhard English Brave. M
45 Eginhard German Strong with a sword. M
46 Ehud Biblical He that praises M
47 Eideard English Wealthy guardian. M
48 Eideard Gaelic Rich guardian. M
49 Eideard Scottish Rich protector. M

50 Einhard German Strong with a sword. M
51 Ekerd German Sacred. M
52 Ekhard German Sacred. M
53 Eldad Biblical 'Favored of God, love of God' M
54 Eldred Anglo-Saxon Wise advisor. M
55 Eldred English Variant of Aldred: From the Old English Ealdraed, meaning old counsel, wise or red haired man, old wise ruler. M
56 Eldred Teutonic Battle counselor. M
57 Eldrid Anglo-Saxon Wise advisor. M
58 Elead Biblical Witness of God M
59 Elidad Biblical Beloved of God. M
60 Eliud Biblical God is my praise. M