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21 Eamon Irish Guardian. The Irish form of Edmund. Famous bearer: Irish statesman Eamon Dc Valera; Eamonn Andrews, presenter of the television programme 'This Is Your Life'. M
22 Eamonn French Variant of Edmond: Prosperous protector. A French variant of the Old English name Eadmund, meaning rich or happy, and protection. M
23 Eamonn Gaelic Rich protector. M
24 Eamonn Irish Variant of Eamon: Wealthy protector. M
25 Eanrin Gaelic Handsome. M
26 Earnan Irish Knowing. M
27 Earvin English Friend. Variant of Irving. M
28 Earwin Welsh White river. M
29 Earwyn English Friend of the sea. M

30 Easton English From East town. Surname. M
31 Eaton English From the riverside village. M
32 Eatton English Variant of Eaton: River town. M
33 Eatun English From the riverside village. M
34 Eban Hebrew Variant of Eben: Stone. M
35 Eben Hebrew Stone. M
36 Eburscon Celtic Lives near the yew tree estate. M
37 Edan Celtic Fire. M
38 Edan Hebrew Variant of Eden: Delight. M
39 Eddison Anglo-Saxon Ed's son. M
40 Eddison English Variant of Edison: Edward's son. M