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41 Eden Hebrew Delight. Famous reference: the biblical Garden of Eden. M
42 Edern Welsh Legendary son of Nudd. M
43 Edin Hebrew Variant of Eden: Delight. M
44 Edison English Edward's son. M
45 Edlin Anglo-Saxon Wealthy friend. M
46 Edlin German Abbreviation of names beginning with 'Ed-'. M
47 Edlyn Anglo-Saxon Wealthy friend. M
48 Edmon English Prosperous protector. M
49 Edmon French Prosperous protector. M

50 Edson Anglo-Saxon Ed's son. M
51 Edson English Son of the fortunate warrior. M
52 Edwardson English Son of Edward. M
53 Edwin Anglo-Saxon Valued. M
54 Edwin English Rich in friendship. From the Old English name Eadwine, meaning rich or happy, and friend. Famous bearers: the hero of Charles Dickens' last novel, 'Edwin Drood'. M
55 Edwin German Happy friend. M
56 Edwyn Anglo-Saxon Valued. M
57 Edwyn English Variant of Edwin: Wealthy friend. M
58 Edwyn German Happy friend. M
59 Efnisien Celtic Mythical son of Euroswydd. M
60 Efrain Hebrew Variant of Ephrayim: Fertile. M