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141 Emilian Latin Excellent. M
142 Emilian Teutonic Excellent. M
143 EmIyn Welsh Waterfall. M
144 Emlyn Latin Excellent. Masculine equivalent of Emily, from the name Aemilia, the feminine form of the Roman family name Aemilius. Also a variant of Amelia. M
145 Emlyn Welsh Industrious. Welsh version of the Latin Aemilianus. Also, from the Welsh place name Newcastle Emlyn. Famous bearer: Welsh actor and dramatist Emlyn Williams. M
146 Emmilian Polish Active. M
147 En-rimmon Biblical Well of weight M
148 Enan Biblical Cloud. M
149 Endymion Greek A shepherd. M

150 Enon Biblical Cloud, mass of darkness, fountain, eye M
151 Eoghan Gaelic Young fighter. M
152 Eoghan Greek Variant of Eugene: Well-born. Famous bearer: Prince Eugene of Savoy; American playwright Eugene O'Neill. M
153 Eoghan Irish God's gift. From a Gaelic word for youth. Also a variant of Eugene. M
154 Eoghan Scottish Young; youth. M
155 Eoghann Celtic Young. M
156 Eoghann Gaelic Young fighter. M
157 Eoghann Scottish Variant of Eoghan: Young; youth. M
158 Eoin Celtic Young. M
159 Eoin Irish God is good; God's gift. M
160 Eorlson English Nobleman's son. M