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21 Edgar Shakespearean 'Tragedy of King Lear' Edgar, son of Gloucester. M
22 Edur Basque Wine. M
23 Eggther Norse Guardian for the giants. M
24 Eglamour Shakespearean 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' Agent for Silvia in her escape. M
25 Egor Russian Russian form of George 'farmer'. M
26 Eibhear English Strong as a boar. M
27 Eiladar Welsh Legendary son of Penn Llarcan. M
28 Eimar Irish Swift. M
29 Einar Norse Leader; fighter. M

30 Einar Scandinavian Warrior chief. M
31 Ejnar Danish Warrior. M
32 Ejnar Norse Variant of Einar: Leader; fighter. M
33 Eker Biblical Barren, feeble. M
34 Eker Hebrew Root. M
35 Ektor ArthurianLegend Father of Arthur. M
36 Elazar Basque Help of God. M
37 Elazar Hebrew God helps. M
38 Elder English One's elder (older person); elder tree. M
39 Eldur English From the elder tree. M
40 Eleazar Biblical Help of God; court of God M