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41 Eleazar Hebrew God has helped. M
42 Elemer Teutonic Awe inspiring. M
43 Elgar Teutonic Shining spear. M
44 Eliazar Spanish God has helped. M
45 Elidor Celtic Mythical monk. M
46 Eliezer Biblical Help; or court; of my God M
47 Eliezer Hebrew God has helped. M
48 Elizur Biblical God is my strength; my rock; rock of God M
49 Ellar Scottish Variant of Eallair: Monastery's steward. M

50 Ellasar Biblical Revolting from God M
51 Ellder English From the elder tree. M
52 Ellmer English Variant of Elmer: Noble. M
53 Elmar Teutonic Awe inspiring. M
54 Elmer Anglo-Saxon Noble. M
55 Elmer English Noble. M
56 Elmer Teutonic Awe inspiring. M
57 Elmir English Variant of Elmer: Noble. M
58 Elmoor English Lives at the elm tree moor. M
59 Elpenor Greek One of Odysseus's men. M
60 Ember English Hot ashes. M