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61 Emhyr Welsh Ruler. M
62 Emmor Biblical An ass M
63 Emyr Welsh Ruler. M
64 En-dor Biblical Fountain, eye of generation, or of habitation. M
65 En-hazor Biblical The grass of the well. M
66 Enar Norse Fighter. M
67 Enar Swedish Warrior. M
68 Epher Biblical Dust, lead. M
69 Er Biblical Watchman M

70 Er Hebrew Diminutive of Eran: Observant. M
71 Escalibor ArthurianLegend King Arthur's sword. M
72 Escanor ArthurianLegend Knight slain by Gawain. M
73 Ether Biblical Talk M
74 Etor Basque Steadfast. M
75 Etor Greek Steadfast. M
76 Evander Latin Fought with Aeneas. M
77 Evander Scottish Good man. M
78 Ever English Strong as a boar. M
79 Excalibur ArthurianLegend King Arthur's sword. M
80 Exeter Shakespearean 'King Henry V' and 'Henry VI, Part 1' and 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' Duke of Exeter, uncle to the King Henry V, and great-uncle to Henry VI. M