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61 Escalus Shakespearean 'Measure for Measure' An ancient Lord. 'The Tragedy of Romeo And Juliet' Prince of Verona. M
62 Escanes Shakespearean 'Pericles, Prince of Tyre' Lord of Tyre. M
63 Esdras French Help. M
64 Esdras Hebrew Help. M
65 Espowyes NativeAmerican Nez Perce name for light on the mountain. M
66 Estes Greek Productive. M
67 Eteocles Greek Son of Oedipus. M
68 Eubuleus Greek Told Demeter about her daughter. M
69 Eubulus Biblical Prudent, good counselor. M

70 Eugenios Greek Well born. M
71 Eugenius Dutch Noble. M
72 Eugenius Greek Variant of Eugene: Well born. M
73 Eugenius Latin Well-born, from the Latin Eugene. Famous bearer: pope St Eugenius. M
74 Eumaeus Greek A swineherd who fought with Odysseus. M
75 Eupeithes Greek Father of a suitor for Penelope. M
76 Euphorbus Latin A Trojan soldier. M
77 Euphrates Biblical That makes fruitful M
78 Euphronius Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra'. An ambassador from Antony to Caesar. M
79 Eurus Greek God of the east wind. M
80 Eurus Latin East wind. M