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321 Feirefiz ArthurianLegend A mulatto heathen who became Christian. M
322 Feivel Hebrew Bright one. M
323 Feiwel Hebrew Variant of Feivel: Bright one. M
324 Fekitoa Polynesian Gathering of two men. M
325 Felabeorbt English Brilliant. M
326 Felamaere English Famous. M
327 Felan Irish Variant of Faolan: Small wolf. M
328 Felding English Lives in the field. M
329 Feldon English From the field estate. M

330 Feldtun English From the field estate. M
331 Feldun English From the field estate. M
332 Feleti Polynesian Peace. M
333 Felice Latin Happy. M
334 Felicia Latin Variant of Felix: Happy. Lucky. Famous bearers: cartoon character Felix the Cat, British actor Felix Aylmer. M
335 Felician Latin Happy. M
336 Feliciano Italian Happy. M
337 Feliciano Spanish Happy. M
338 Felicio Italian Lucky. M
339 Felicio Latin Happy. M
340 Feliks Latin Happy. M