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341 Feliks Polish Polish form of Felix 'lucky'. M
342 Feliks Russian Russian form of Felix 'lucky'. M
343 Felim Irish Variant of Feidhlim: Good forever. M
344 Felipe Spanish Spanish form of Phillip 'loves horses'. M
345 Felippe Spanish Variant of Philip. M
346 Felix Anglo-Saxon Name of a saint. M
347 Felix Biblical 'Happy, prosperous' M
348 Felix Latin Happy. Lucky. Famous bearers: cartoon character Felix the Cat, British actor Felix Aylmer. M
349 Felix Spanish Lucky. M

350 Felix Swedish !ucky. M
351 Fell Norse From the rough hill. M
352 Felten English Variant of Felton: Field town. M
353 Feltin English Variant of Felton: Field town. M
354 Felton English From the field estate. M
355 Fenris Norse A mythical monster wolf. M
356 Fenris Scandinavian Figure in Scandinavian mythology. M
357 Fenton English Swamp town. M
358 Fenton Shakespearean 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' A young gentleman. M
359 Fenuku Egyptian Born late. M
360 Fenwick English Swamp farm. M