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501 Firman English Fair. M
502 Firman Muslim Variant of Farman: Decree. Edict.. M
503 Firoz Hindi Winner. M
504 Firoze Muslim Variant of Fairoze: Turquoise. Precious stone.. M
505 Firth English Forest. M
506 Firth Scottish Arm of the sea. M
507 Firuz Hindi Variant of Firoz: Winner. M
508 Fisk English Fish. M
509 Fisk Swedish Fisherman. M

510 Fiske English Fish. M
511 Fiske Scandinavian Fish. M
512 Fitch English Ermine (ferret-like mammal). M
513 Fitche English Ermine. M
514 Fitz English Son. M
515 Fitz French Son of. M
516 Fitz Teutonic Son of. M
517 Fitz Adam English Son of Adam. M
518 Fitz Gerald English Son of Gerald. M
519 Fitz Gerald Teutonic Son of Gerald. M
520 Fitz Gibbon English Son of Gilbert. M