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581 Fletcher English Maker of arrows. Often used as a surname, less commonly a given name. Famous bearer: Fletcher Christian was a mutineer on the infamous ship 'Bounty'. M
582 Fletcher French Feathers arrows. M
583 Fletcher Scottish Maker of arrows. M
584 Fletcher Teutonic Fledger of arrows. M
585 Flin Gaelic Son of the red haired one. M
586 Flin Irish Variant of Flynn: Son of a red-haired man. M
587 Flinn Irish Son of a red-haired man. M
588 Flint English Stream. Place-name and surname. Flint stone produces a spark of fire when struck by steel. M
589 Flip Greek Lover of horses. M

590 Floinn Irish Ruddy. M
591 Floki Norse A heroic Viking. M
592 Floren Latin Flowering. M
593 Florence ArthurianLegend Son of Gawain. M
594 Florence Shakespearean All's Well That Ends Well.' Duke of Florence. M
595 Florent French Flower. M
596 Florentin Latin Flowering. M
597 Florentino Spanish Blooming. M
598 Florentyn Latin Flowering. M
599 Florenz French Variant of Florent: Flower. M
600 Florian Latin Flowery or flourishing. Famous bearer: Fourth century Roman martyr St. Florian. M