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721 Franklyn English Free man; landholder. M
722 Franklynn English Variant of Franklin: Free land-owner. M
723 Franky English Diminutive of Franklin: Free land-owner. M
724 Franky French Diminutive of Frank 'Free; a free man.' Frankie is occasionally used for girls. M
725 Franky Latin Diminutive of Francis: Frenchman. Famous Bearer: movie producer Francis Ford Coppola. M
726 Frannsaidh Gaelic Frank. M
727 Frans Danish Free. M
728 Frans German Variant of Franz: Frenchman. M
729 Frans Swedish Free. M

730 Franta Czech Diminutive of Frantisek: Frenchman. M
731 Franta Czechoslovakian Free. M
732 Franta Teutonic Free. M
733 Frantik Czech Variant of Frantisek: Frenchman. M
734 Frantisek Czech Frenchman. M
735 Frantisek Teutonic Free. M
736 Frantz German Free; a free man. M
737 Franz Danish Free. M
738 Franz German German form of Frank. M
739 Franz Swedish Free. M
740 Franz Teutonic Free. M