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61 Fadi Muslim Redeemer.. M
62 Fadil Arabic Generous; giving. M
63 Fadil Egyptian Generous. M
64 Fadl Arabic Gracious. M
65 Fadl Muslim Outstanding. Honorable.. M
66 Fadlullah Muslim The excellence of God.. M
67 Fadyenka Teutonic Divine gift. M
68 Faegan English Joyful. M
69 Faer English Traveler. M

70 Faerrleah English From the bull's pasture. M
71 Faerwald English Powerful traveler. M
72 Fafner Norse A mythical dragon. M
73 Fafnir Norse A mythical dragon. M
74 Fagan English Joyful. M
75 Fagan Irish Eager child. M
76 Fagen Gaelic Ardent. M
77 Fagin Gaelic Ardent. M
78 Fagin Irish Variant of Fagan: Eager child. M
79 Fahad Arabic Variant of Fahd: Panther. M
80 Fahad Muslim Lynx. Panther.. M