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801 Fremont French Free man; a man freed from bound servitude to an overlord. Surname. M
802 Fremont German Guardian of liberty; noble protector. M
803 Freodhoric English An Old English name from the Old German Frithuric, meaning peaceful ruler. M
804 Freowine English Noble friend. M
805 Fresco Spanish Fresh. M
806 Frewen English Variant of Frewin: Free friend; noble friend. M
807 Frewin English Free friend; noble friend. M
808 Frewyn English Noble friend. M
809 Frey English Lord. M

810 Frey Norse God of weather. M
811 Frey Scandinavian Supreme Lord. M
812 Freyne English Foreigner. M
813 Freyr Norse God of weather. M
814 Freystein Norse Rock hard. M
815 Frici Teutonic Peaceful ruler. M
816 Frick English Courageous; brave. M
817 Fridleif Norse Father of Ari. M
818 Fridolf English Peaceful wolf. M
819 Fridolph English Peaceful wolf. M
820 Fridtjof Scandinavian Variant of Fritjof: Thief of peace. M