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861 Fulhert German From the Old German Filibert, meaning very bright. M
862 Fuller English Cloth thickener. M
863 Fullere English Cloth thickener. M
864 Fulop Greek Lover of horses. M
865 Fulop Hungarian Hungarian form of Philip 'loves horses'. M
866 Fulton English From the people's estate. M
867 Fulumirani African Malawian name meaning 'a journey'. M
868 Funsan African Malawian name meaning 'request'. M
869 Funsani Egyptian A request. M

870 Furqaan Muslim Variant of Furqan: Evidence. Proof.. M
871 Furqan Muslim Evidence. Proof.. M
872 Futkefu Polynesian Grass skirt. M
873 Fuwaad Muslim Variant of Fuwad: Heart.. M
874 Fuwad Muslim Heart.. M
875 Fychan Welsh Small. M
876 Fydor Teutonic Divine gift. M
877 Fyfe Scottish From Fifeshire. M
878 Fyffe Scottish Variant of Fife: County name in Scotland. M
879 Fylmer English Variant of Filmore: Famed; famous. M
880 Fynbar Celtic Blond. M