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21 Ferrand French Gray-haired. M
22 Field English Variant of Fielding: In the field. M
23 Fitz Gerald English Son of Gerald. M
24 Fitz Gerald Teutonic Son of Gerald. M
25 Fitzgerald English Mighty spearholder's son. M
26 Fitzgerald French Son of Gerald. Surname. M
27 Fitzgerald Irish Surname. M
28 Fitzgerald Teutonic Son of Gerald. M
29 Floyd Celtic Gray. M

30 Floyd English A variant of the Welsh 'Lloyd'. Famous bearer: Heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Patterson. M
31 Floyd Welsh Variant of Lloyd: Grey. One with grey hair. In common use as both a surname and first name. M
32 Ford English River crossing. M
33 Ford Shakespearean 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' A Gentleman of Windsor. M
34 Fouad Arabic Variant of Fuad: Heart. M
35 Frashegird Indian Wonderful. M
36 Fred English Diminutive of Alfred: Sage, wise. From the Old English Aelfraed, meaning elf counsel. Also from Ealdfrith or Alfrid, meaning old peace. Handsome. M
37 Fred German Diminutive of Frederic: From the Old German name Frithuric, meaning peaceful ruler. M
38 Fred Teutonic Variant of Frederick: peaceful ruler. M
39 Freeland English From the free land. M
40 Friend English Friend. M