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21 Felamaere English Famous. M
22 Felice Latin Happy. M
23 Felipe Spanish Spanish form of Phillip 'loves horses'. M
24 Felippe Spanish Variant of Philip. M
25 Fergie Gaelic Diminutive of Fergus: Rock. Also a variant of 'Fearghas', derived from the Celtic for 'man' and 'choice'. M
26 Ferke Latin Free. M
27 Feroze Hindi Variant of Firoz: Winner. M
28 Feste Shakespearean 'Twelfth Night', also called 'What You Will' A clown, servant to Olivia. M
29 Fiacre Celtic Eagle. M

30 Fiance French Engaged. M
31 Fidele Latin Variant of Fidel: Faith; faithful. Famous Bearer: Fidel Castro, ruler of Cuba. M
32 Fidele Spanish Faithful. M
33 Fie Scottish Dark of peace. M
34 Fife Scottish County name in Scotland. M
35 Fillmore English Variant of Filmore: Famed; famous. M
36 Filmore English Famed; famous. M
37 Firdose Hindi Variant of Firdos: Paradise. M
38 Firdoze Hindi Variant of Firdos: Paradise. M
39 Firoze Muslim Variant of Fairoze: Turquoise. Precious stone.. M
40 Fiske English Fish. M