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21 Fayyadh Muslim Generous. Liberal[See Muslim Names in Help file for usage guidelines]. M
22 Feagh Irish Raven. M
23 Fearadhach Irish Manly; masculine. M
24 Fearbhirigh Gaelic Wealthy or stubborn. M
25 Fearnhealh English From the fern slope. M
26 Fearnleah English From the fern meadow. M
27 Feich Irish Raven. M
28 Feidhlimidh Irish Variant of Feidhlim: Good forever. M
29 Fernleigh English Variant of Farnley: Fern field. M

30 Fibh Scottish From Fifeshire. M
31 Finleigh Irish Variant of Finlay: Fair hero. M
32 Fionnlagh Gaelic Small blond soldier. M
33 Fionnlagh Scottish Fair-haired soldier. M
34 Fionnlaoch Gaelic Small blond soldier. M
35 Firth English Forest. M
36 Firth Scottish Arm of the sea. M
37 Fitch English Ermine (ferret-like mammal). M
38 Fitz Hugh English Son of Hugh. M
39 Fitzhugh English Son of Hugh. M
40 Fitzhugh French Son of Hugh. Surname. M