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21 Frank Latin Diminutive of Francis: meaning from France, or free one. M
22 Frank Teutonic Free. M
23 Frantik Czech Variant of Frantisek: Frenchman. M
24 Frantisek Czech Frenchman. M
25 Frantisek Teutonic Free. M
26 Fredek German Diminutive of Frederick: Merciful leader. M
27 Fredek Hungarian Hungarian form of Frederick 'peaceful ruler'. M
28 Fredek Russian Russian form of Frederick 'peaceful ruler'. M
29 Fredek Swedish Peaceful ruler. M

30 Fredek Teutonic Peaceful ruler. M
31 Frederek Swedish Peaceful ruler. M
32 Frederick German Peaceful ruler. From the Old German name Frithuric. Famous bearers: Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, Prussian King Frederick the Great. M
33 Frederick Shakespearean As You Like It' Brother to Duke, and usurper of his dominions. M
34 Frederick Teutonic Peaceful ruler. M
35 Frederik Danish Peaceful ruler. M
36 Frederik German Variant of Frederick: Merciful leader. M
37 Frederik Scandinavian Peaceful ruler. M
38 Fredrick German From the Old German name Frithuric, meaning peaceful ruler. M
39 Fredrick Scandinavian Peaceful ruler. M
40 Fredrick Teutonic Peaceful ruler. M